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ESID Board 2020-2024


ESID President
Prof. Isabelle Meyts (2020-2024)

To serve as ESID Past-President as of 2022 (after Gothenburg Meeting)

ESID President-Elect

To serve as ESID President as of 2022 (after Gothenburg Meeting)

ESID Past President
Prof. Andrew Cant (2016-2020)

To finish his term of office after ESID 2020 Meeting

ESID Secretary
Dr. Mirjam van der Burg (2016-2020)                                           


ESID Treasurer
Prof. Fabio Candotti (2016-2020)


Chairperson Clinical Working Party
Dr. Andy Gennery (2016-2020)                                                                  


Chairperson Inborn Errors Working Party
Dr. Arjan Lankester (2016-2020)                                                                                     


ESID / Working Parties Elections 2018-2022 Candidates

ESID President Elect


1. Prof. Fabio Candotti


2. Prof. Andrew Gennery


ESID Secretary


1. Dr. Jutte Van der Werff ten Bosch

2. Dr. Eleonora Gambineri

 ESID Treasurer


1. Dr. Anna Shcherbina


2. Dr. Stefano Volpi

Inborn Error Working Party


1. Dr. Michael Albert


Clinical Working Party


1. Dr. Bénédicte Neven


2. Prof. Raffaele Badolato


3. Dr. Siobahn Burns

4. Dr. Stephen Jolles